Designing healthier lifestyles.

Tackling the largest killer of men and women in Australia.


The Challenge.

In early 2015 the Australian Heart Foundation approached Carter Digital to help develop a new way to improve the health of everyday Australians. 

My goal, as simple as it sounds, was to ensure that trustworthy and comprehensive resources were available to anyone, anywhere. 

More than just a re-design, the brief challenged us to find the best way to lead people towards sustained healthy living.

The Audience.

From young mothers to health professionals and fundraisers.

I workshopped with the Foundation’s research parter, Symplicit, to dive into audience awareness, behaviours and likely triggers. 

Considering everyone from young mothers, educators, community fundraisers, enablers, health professionals and the media, my challenge was as deep as it was wide. I used existing research and discovery workshops to explore, understand and benchmark user behaviour models, tasks and requirements.


The Process.

An information architecture designed for practical and immediate changes to prevent heart disease.

From the beginning my aim was to consider the disparate levels of knowledge that Australians have about heart disease. 

A new information architecture had to have a depth that allowed for easier discovery and graduation to higher levels and complexity of health understand. The path for families to establish healthier habits must be seamless.

The model I developed focussed on "at risk" heart disease information and its use-cases complimented with enablers such as recipes, eating plans, self-diagnosis, and risk assessment tools.

Prototyping and user testing our strategy. 

To test the new approach I designed a number of responsive prototype of the Foundation’s most valuable scenarios, using goals from earlier workshops as our benchmark.

The prototype consisted of core templates such as program landing pages, self-diagnosis tools, and even recipe finders and contextual modes for shopping vs preparing and cooking.


  1. 40% increase in online donations.
  2. Scalable information architecture.
  3. Flexible UI system for resources, recipes, research, and more. 
  4. Valuable and long-lasting resource for all Australians.

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Brendan Kearns — User Experience, Product and Interaction Design.