Designing gaming wearables. 

A 12-week wearable experiment with Sportsbet.


The Challenge. approached Isobar Melbourne to help experiment a wearable experience for its customers. Quickly forming an onsite lab in central Melbourne, I was tasked with the discovery, strategy and design of Australia's first wearable gaming application.

My strategy was simple: Design an augmented experience with particular emphasis on personalisation and continuity between iOS, web, and wearables. Doing it without any historical data on wearables was going to be a challenge.



We created an onsite lab of the best and brightest from across Sportsbet and Isobar.

Pulling off an experience for a device that hasn't hit the market and for a users with very vocal opinions was going to take an A-Team.

To create a lab we recruited analysts, developers, strategists and product owners from across the organisation and quickly dived into discovery with an intense two weeks of research, senior stakeholder workshops and customer interviews.


Concept Testing.

After two weeks of paper prototyping and sticking laminated Apple Watch faces to the wrists of customers we finally had some test devices. What did this mean? I got to turn our feature ideas into reality and onto the wrists of customers.

Over two days, more than 20 customers got their hands on prototypes of feature concepts.

I created experiment scripts, scoring criteria, and a feedback metric that removed as much client-side subjectivity as possible.


The Results.

A validated design system for future wearable projects.

In order for Sportsbet to keep building for the Apple Watch once the lab was dissolved I lead the creation of a package of resources including research, journey maps and a design system for their internal teams.

Using an atomic method, we handed over a scalable pattern library and production-ready code that catered for multiple gaming types, promotions and future enhancements.

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