Travel planning for 20+ million users.

A collaboration between Victorian Government, Clemenger BBDO, and Carter Digital.


The Challenge.

In late 2014, Clemenger BBDO asked Carter Digital to manage the research and design of a new website for the official state government tourism organisation.

Immediately I wanted to differentiate the experience from the inevitable comparisons with Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor and Tourism Victoria's unique value proposition is as a commercially neutral guide for visitors to Victoria and Melbourne. 

The strategy focused on developing a content model for easy discovery and building useful tools for planning and wayfinding. 



Going beyond fictional personas and into behavioural triggers.

The brief excluded mobile due to a project already underway to build a specific site for helping visitors on the ground. With this in mind, I developed three high level modes of a users journey and specific goals for each when using the new site:

Consideration: Committing to a product, tour or flight.
Planning: Enable planning with lists, tools and shareable content.
Enrichment: Augment the on the ground experience.


A new model to reinvigorate legacy content for discovery and wayfinding.

Locked in by legacy content and disparate systems, my first step was reorganising every piece of content with the goal of minimising backend work.

I developed an information architecture that included inspiration, metropolitan and rural themes and started on a modular and scalable design system with two measurable objectives:

1. Ability to create linear, lateral and semantic relationships between content and products.

2. The speed and ease of developing new pages for Tourism Victoria and their partners.


Prototyping and testing a flexible design system.

The modular system I developed for building and managing the new pages had to be tested. Working without a unique number of required templates, my aim was to transition their team from page management to pure content management. 

Starting at the bottom, from object and product details to an overall view of an entire experience, I was able to move the effort required from ongoing custom layout and design to focus on a more efficient way of creating beautiful and effective pages with flexible components.



Comprehensively tested, revised and re-tested, I delivered the discovery, prototyping, and early design phases to Clemenger BBDO. I then worked closely with their Art Directors to rollout a creative direction for the site.


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Brendan Kearns — User Experience, Product and Interaction Design.